How do Drug Directories Help Your Facility?

Reputation Rehab 09/01/21
drug rehab directories

Do not underestimate the power of drug rehab directories in generating addiction leads for your facility. Online drug rehab directories are not a digital version of the yellow pages, where you have to flip endless pages. They are comprehensive platforms that enable potential clients to identify, learn about, and contact your addiction treatment facility for…

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What Are the Top Reasons to Hire A Digital Marketing Agency for Your Rehab Center?

Reputation Rehab 07/26/21
rehab marketing

Having a team of digital marketing experts working side by side with you is very important in getting your name out there in the drug addiction market. Regardless of how big or small your mental health facility is, finding the right digital marketing firm for your practice even if you have digital marketing “experts” on…

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How to Generate Addiction Leads to Your Facility?

Reputation Rehab 07/01/21
addiction leads

The detox and rehab industry is getting competitive as the day goes by. If you are not properly represented with technical marketing techniques such as easy navigation, positive reviews, great pictures, videos, and more, someone in your area is. You have the facilities, you have the training, the staff, and more – so, you should…

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What Are the Roles of Google Ads in Mental Health and Drug Addiction Advertising?

Reputation Rehab 06/14/21
google ads

One could argue that Google Ads are the most powerful digital marketing tools in elevating your mental health facility above others. Furthermore, some might even say that they are the quickest and easiest way to get your mental health clinic to the first page of any search engine search results. To understand the effectiveness of…

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Website Design and Its Success in Generating Leads for Your Facility

Reputation Rehab 06/09/21
website design

The processes of designing and maintaining your websites require a group of skilled developers and digital marketers to work together. An effective website design should fulfill its intended function by conveying its particular message whilst simultaneously engaging the visitors. Several factors such as consistency, colors, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality all contribute to good website…

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What Are the Correct Ways to Do Advertising For Mental Health Facilities?

Reputation Rehab 05/25/21

For the longest time, word-of-mouth and referrals are the most common ways for both patients and healthcare workers to advertise their services. However, as the world adapts to be more modern, technology and digital marketing are growing to be effective advertising tools for mental health facilities and drug addiction treatment centers. Although still considered relatively…

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The Power of Web Design and First Impressions

Reputation Rehab 05/13/21
website design

Statistics have shown that it only takes a fraction of a second for users to formulate an opinion about a website. Similarly, your rehabilitation’s logo weighs the same importance because it subsequently takes users about 2.6 seconds for their eyes to land on your logo, which is considered the most influential part of the site….

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What Are the Effective Ways to Generate Leads to Your Facility

Reputation Rehab 05/12/21
addiction leads

Addiction leads are important in a changing market such as rehab marketing. Whether it’s through social media, search engine optimization, paid search, or even through radio ads, videos, and TV, well-driven addiction leads can put your facility in front of the people it can best help. To start generating leads, addiction centers should be very…

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How to Elevate your Drug Rehab SEO?

Reputation Rehab 05/05/21

SEO, which means the process of improving the quality and quantity of online traffic to your facility website, is no doubt one of the important factors in generating leads for your rehabilitation. There are many ways to increase your site’s ranking to the top of search engine results, therefore, you must know the ones that…

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Six Ways a Health Marketing Agency Can Help Promote Your Rehab Services

Reputation Rehab 04/26/21
health marketing agency

Rehab services are a very rich and very competitive industry, which makes it very difficult for some rehab clinics to compete both online and offline. Since you cannot compete head-to-head, you have to soak up the publicity that the larger companies miss. That is where a health marketing agency can come in very handy. Here…

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