Why Drug Rehab Marketing is So Competitive

Drug Rehab Marketing

There are several reasons why drug rehab marketing is so competitive. This article examines why what appears to be a niche medical area seems to be flooded with competitors. It isn’t because people are more addicted these days. Read on to find out more.

Social Media is the Biggest Reason Why it is So Competitive

It all started with the self-help trend. Books by Napoleon Hill, and their subsequent success, saw people rushing to make it in their own way. And, where people like Tony Robbins were able to forge massive careers, others made their way with their websites, e-books, and Motivational speaking through platforms like YouTube.

When these products started to make money from people who truly felt they were getting good advice, a massive self-help industry sprung up out of the blue. With such a surge in competition, everybody with their own variety of motivational styles was putting adverts on social media, search engines, and affiliate networks. Suddenly, the networks were charging more simply because people were prepared to pay (bid) more for prime locations on social media.

How Did This Affect The Rehab Industry?

As the self-help trend blew up, people were looking for more and more ways to reach people, so many people turned to addiction recovery. People jumped to offer premium prices for ways to help and advice on how to cure addiction. People were being offered pills that are supposed to make people’s bodies reject alcohol, to twelve-week on-site courses where people talk about the addiction.

Again, since there was a lot of competition, the advertising networks were (and still are) jammed with a lot of people who offer those with addictions, solutions. Real doctors and real clinics are sitting in adverts side-by-side with people working from their homes, sometimes.

The Hucksters 

Having a working clinic with highly paid professionals is going to report bigger overheads than a casual business in the same industry. That is another sad truth about rehab marketing. Sometimes the people offering the flimsiest services are the ones with the biggest marketing budgets.

How Do You Get Around This Problem?

As a legitimate business, you need to have your drug rehab marketing conducted by a reliable and highly rated marketing company. As mentioned in this article, you are at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing potential and brand exposure when compared with less reputable healing services. However, where the hucksters may have a knack for this niche, they don’t have any marketing expertise. 

When you hire a company like Reputation Rehab, you can leapfrog over your competition simply because you have skilled experts running your campaign. Think of it like cars. Others may be able to buy six engines and nutritious burners whereas you may only be able to afford a single engine with a regular turbo, but your marketing service puts a professional driver in the racing seat. You can achieve the sort of market penetration that others can only dream of, and since your services are real and effective, then you can also build a legitimate customer base.

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