Coronavirus has Raised Concerns for another Epidemic: Addiction

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Drug rehab and treatment facilities have reported higher numbers of admissions and of 90% of those patients who call the facilities now bring up the coronavirus and its impacts on their mental health. The unprecedented combination of physical, psychological, and medical stress, on top of being cooped up at home where there is a lack of human interaction, creates an environment that could trigger a relapse. However, help is always around. At Reputation Rehab, we will work our best to connect you to the right addiction treatment resources. 

Marketing Strategies for Rehab Facilities 

Digital marketing broadly refers to the utilization of the internet and digital technologies to establish and manage an online presence for businesses, or mental health facilities in this case. There is a long list of strategies to achieve this, which includes web development, blog management, social media content, and more. At Reputation Rehab, we will devise a digital marketing strategy for each of your digital marketing needs in the field of drug treatment. Our team, having successfully led campaigns for a variety of centers and clinics, is bringing the latest marketing tools to develop specialized strategies for the industry.                        

Reputation Rehab Can Assist with Strategizing During the Pandemic? 

Even though evidence suggests that more people are relying on rehab facilities for help, there is still a population of patients who are uninformed and unable to find the right resources for them. This is because rehab marketing is not the same as other types of marketing. Unlike other industries’ approaches to marketing, rehabilitation facilities are not trying to get potential customers interested in their product. There is no specific sector of the general public that they are trying to attract. The main purpose of clinical facilities is to be there for those who need their services. Therefore, Reputation Rehab can achieve this by including proactive and call to actions strategies in the campaigns.  

reputation rehab

Managing websites, blogs, brochures, podcasts, social media content, and more is just the tip of the iceberg. Our experts at Reputation Rehab also prioritize growing the social networks, both online and offline, for your facility. Growing your networks is crucial for maintaining a successful support structure and a comfortable environment for your patients. As addiction is a delicate topic that unfortunately has a lot of stigma to it, adequate handling of the treatment is important, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.  


Talk to Us 

Let’s work together to start the conversation. The virus and the arising mental health problems are no doubt new to all, therefore, let’s join efforts to help each other through these hard times. For more information about Reputation Rehab and what services we have to offer, please visit or dial (855) 519-0120 and we will assist you at our earliest convenience.    

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