Reputation Management Services in Los Angeles to Bury Negative Search Results

reputation management services in Los Angeles

You can’t please every client in your LA rehab center. That’s why it’s more vital to hire reputation management services in Los Angeles

Out of 20 clients you accommodate in your center, one or two of them won’t be satisfied with the kind of service you provided. Unfortunately, if they are dissatisfied, they will likely share their experience online. 

And that negative experience will be negative reviews that Google can index. It’s especially true if they posted their complaints on prominent review sites. 

Will Negative Reviews Online Affect Your Reputation? 

They definitely will. But that’s not all. They can also show up in the SERP when someone searches for your rehab center. 

If the searcher sees one or two negative reviews, they’re likely to change their mind in consulting with your center. 

Thankfully, you can hide those negative reviews so your potential clients won’t see them. 

When it comes to hiding complaints, you’re not removing them. You’re just burying them in the SERPs. 

In that way, when someone searches for your center, they won’t find the negative review on the first page of Google. 

Reputation Management Services in Los Angeles to Push Down Negative Results 

Negative search results, like reviews and complaints, can affect your bottom line. A single negative search result can easily ruin your rehab’s healthy brand image. 

But why focus on a search engine? 

People rely on search engines, like Google and Yahoo!, to find a rehab center for treatment. If you suppress negative results about your brand, they aren’t going to find them. 
When you bury them deep down, they’re likely to visit your site and sign up for your treatment. 

Will They Even Read Page 2? 

Some people may be desperate enough to look for results on page 2. However, only 1 percent of searchers will even consider reading content on page 2 of the SERP. 

In that case, if you wish to boost your reputation and hide those negative reviews, you have to bury them by investing in a reputation management service. 

Why Not Remove the Results? 

It’s not possible to remove them from Google or search engines. Although it’s possible, it’s rare. 

If you wish to go down that route, you need to carry out an arduous, expensive task. Sadly, the result may not be favorable. 

Even if the owner of the review site will honor your request, you need to remove the links from the Google index. 

In that case, it’s a lot easier to push down negative results and bury them on page 2 or even page 10 of SERP than to ask Google to remove them. 

But how to bury those results? 

This is where SEO comes in. Search engine optimization is more than just inserting keywords you want to target. Rather, it’s also about giving your positive brand content. 

When you boost your online reputation, you’re using the SEO best practices to shape your brand and control negative search engine results. 

Are you ready to boost your reputation? Hire reputation management services in Los Angeles today to start burying your negative results. Contact (855) 519-0120.

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