The Do’s and Don’ts of Drug Rehab SEO

Reputation Rehab 07/15/21
Drug Rehab SEO

Your Drug Rehab SEO is going to have a different tint and dimension to other varieties of website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is because your viewers are going to come from very different, but very specific, areas. You will have inquiries from medical professionals, from concerned family members, from concerned spouses, from people’s jobs…

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How to Elevate your Drug Rehab SEO?

Reputation Rehab 05/05/21

SEO, which means the process of improving the quality and quantity of online traffic to your facility website, is no doubt one of the important factors in generating leads for your rehabilitation. There are many ways to increase your site’s ranking to the top of search engine results, therefore, you must know the ones that…

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How to get more Admits Into your Rehabilitation Center?

Reputation Rehab 04/20/21
grow more admits

Admission to rehabs is the first step of treatment for all patients. Therefore, growing admits and expanding are one of the top objectives for many rehabilitation centers and practices. However, the problem is that several mental health facilities fail to address the many questions that patients have during their admission process. At Reputation Rehab, we…

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The Switch from Virtual to In-Person School can be Mentally Exhausting for Teenagers

Reputation Rehab 03/29/21
reputation rehab

According to the CDC, most schools in California are predicted to be in-person for the upcoming fall. As a result, many parents, teachers, and caregivers are juggling between the options of online virtual schools versus in-person classes. Although learning in physical classrooms offers more useful resources, the mental health consequences need to be considered, especially…

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Reputation Management Services in Los Angeles to Bury Negative Search Results

Reputation Rehab 12/02/20
reputation management services in Los Angeles

You can’t please every client in your LA rehab center. That’s why it’s more vital to hire reputation management services in Los Angeles.  Out of 20 clients you accommodate in your center, one or two of them won’t be satisfied with the kind of service you provided. Unfortunately, if they are dissatisfied, they will likely…

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