The Switch from Virtual to In-Person School can be Mentally Exhausting for Teenagers

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According to the CDC, most schools in California are predicted to be in-person for the upcoming fall. As a result, many parents, teachers, and caregivers are juggling between the options of online virtual schools versus in-person classes. Although learning in physical classrooms offers more useful resources, the mental health consequences need to be considered, especially if the switch is fast and abrupt. Therefore, mental health counselors and facilities should aim at helping young adults adjust to the “normal”. Here are some suggestions from our experts at Reputation Rehab.  

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Strategies for Coping from Reputation Rehab 

Each individual copes in a different way. Some might take a while to adapt, while others can get comfortable in a second. So, it is important to try all the following ways to find one that works best for you and your anxiety. Firstly, teachers should do daily “check-ins” before class starts so that students can talk about their feelings and listen to their classmates, as a way to gain empathy and build communication skills after a year of limited social contact. This is a great way for students to give and receive emotional support to and for each other. 

Secondly, bullying might increase as schools return to normal. Teachers and school authorities must become more involved with the students’ dynamics inside and outside of classrooms. Teaching them healthy ways to express repressed emotions and advising them healthy coping mechanisms are what teachers should try incorporating when interacting with their students. 

Next, a number of physical activities should be available because physical health is directly related to mental health. Moving around and not staying in one place encourage the release of happy chemicals! Lastly, schools and colleges can donate and invest in more mental health resources such as virtual therapy sessions, on-campus psychiatrists, etc. to ensure that all students’ mental health needs are met. This is our first time recovering from a worldwide pandemic in a while, therefore, the future is still relatively new and unpredictable. So, it is good to be well mentally prepared!

Support Outside of School 

If you are a parent, now is also your time to help! External support outside of school is also highly important, especially one that comes from maternal and paternal roles. Parents should also practice daily “check-ins” with their kids, encouraging them to be more vocal with their thoughts and feelings as they adjust back to in-person schooling. This strategy motivates students and teenagers to stay on track and productive in different settings. 

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One of the mental health experts, Lenore Skenazy, recommends parents think back to their childhoods and zero in on the extra time their children may have outside of remote classes. This could mean giving them more chores or spending more quality family time with each other. Either way, children can start rebuilding communication and social skills just through mini-tasks around the house. 

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Of course, our experts at Reputation Rehab will be with you and your children all the way. The virus and the arising mental health problems are no doubt new to all, therefore, let’s join efforts to help each other through these hard times. For more information about Reputation Rehab and what services we have to offer, please visit or dial (855) 519-0120 and we will assist you at our earliest convenience.    

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