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Reputation Management Strategy

Monitoring Online Reputation Tips for Brands

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When you run a business, reputation is everything. If you’re not on top of your online reputation, you can never be sure of what exactly is going around. Word of mouth, reviews, social media posts, these things have real-life consequences and might be affecting your business in ways you haven’t really thought about. This is why, when approaching online marketing, you have to consider online reputation tips as an important part of the process.

The process itself might sound somewhat intimidating or mundane. You’re going to notice it depends on a lot of little things that pile up and create results. That’s what agencies like Reputation Rehab are for. We make sure to help you get a grasp of how to monitor your online reputation. These are some of the tools implemented to do so.

Google Alerts

You may not know this, but Google has a tool that allows you to receive alerts regarding specific topics you may be interested in. Google Alert detects changes on certain content and emails you whenever the search engine picks up new results. This can be done with whatever term or topic you choose to look for.

Setting up Google Alerts for you and your business is the first step in monitoring your online reputation. Once you set it up, you’ll be able to know whenever new content about your business pops up online, be it an article, a review, or a blog post. This will give you a good idea of what state your online reputation is in at a given time.

Monitor Social Media

People love to voice their opinion on social media. We all, at one point or another, have a poster about a certain product or service we either loved or hated. It’s important that you monitor what people are saying about your business on social media, for it’s one of the most intimate ways to truly find out what consumers think of you. Remember to search for different social media platforms in order to be aware of what people are saying.

Additionally, creating social media profiles for you and your business will ensure that you receive this information directly. People often make an effort to mention whatever it is they’re talking about on their post, therefore linking everyone to your profile. If you keep this account active and up to date you can earn a positive, approachable reputation with your audience.

Online Reputation Tips

Reputation Rehab

These may sound like fairly straight-forward online reputation management strategies, but you’d be surprised by how effective they are. And this is really only the beginning since. These are the ones you can do, but now imagine what professionals can do. At Reputation Rehab we are well aware of the latest online reputation management tools. We can help you and your brand prolifer with our very own way yo approach the matter. Make sure to contact us to find out more.

Effective Online Reputation Management Tools to Use

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Let’s face it, you probably care about your reputation. Particularly your business reputation, for you depend on it to make a living. So many things can damage your business image, and therefore your online reputation management is something you should be on top of. This is very important when it comes to your online presence. The internet is how people find out about you. And what do you want to come up first when someone Googles your name: your little bakery you’ve dedicated the last ten years, or that video of you in college with beer bottles taped to your hands?

Online Reputation Tips for Brands

Online reputation management is not easy. Nothing really disappears off the face of the internet. But most things can be controlled, and that’s what you should aim at. There are many ways to try to do that, but they do require a lot of time and effort in order for them to be truly effective. Here are a few of the most common online reputation management tools.

Search Engine Optimization

Let’s say that when someone googles your name you want the first person to come up to you and not that person who electrocuted all those horses (even if that was you). The easiest way to do so? Bury what you don’t want to be found in positive content optimized for search engines. You can apply SEO to testimonials, blog posts, articles, and personal websites. This way, the first thing people see is more likely to be positive.

Press Releases

Submitting press releases to reputable, authoritative sites is a great way for good content about you to rank high on search engines. These sites, given their high traffic and status, tend to rank higher in online searches and can  provide positive exposure to you and your business. Published news will become reliable sources of good information about you and detract from less desirable content.

online reputation management

Third Party Mentions

Pursuing mentions from high-profile third-party websites is an effective way to gain exposure. Reaching out to popular blogs, public relations firms, forums, and newsletters can result in a top-ranking appearance in search results. Not to mention these can attract new traffic to your own website and therefore increase your visibility.

Things to Watch Out For

When implementing online reputation management you have to be careful not to indulge in practices that could result in lawsuits or sanctions. Sites like Amazon have sued hundreds of users who were paid to leave fake product reviews. Other sites such as Facebook or Yelp could ban or reprimand your business for fake review posting.

Reputation Rehab

At Reputation Rehab we are aware that companies often face attacks on their reputation and therefore require online reputation management strategies. The different ways to address these issues are just too mundane for you to take care off in the midst of running a business. That’s why reputation management tools are our specialty. We can ensure your clients’ image remains positive while we work on their online marketing.

Top Online Reputation Tips for Brands

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Online Reputation Management

Top Online Reputation Tips for Brands

Want to make sure that your brand always has a positive reputation? Your company needs to be able to take pro-active steps to ensure that the brand’s reputation remains positive.  In the modern age, it is increasingly important for companies to take control of their online reputation, since a few comments on social media networks can soon put the power to manage the public’s opinions about your brand out of your control. There are several ways in which you can ensure that you generate a great reputation for your brand that will overcome negative remarks about your company.

Creating a strong presence online

One of the most important steps that any company can take to ensure that they manage their reputation effectively is by developing a strong online presence in their own right. This means, for example, creating a top-ranking page or website. Around 9/10 people remain on the first page of Google search engine results when performing a search, and even the second and third results get far fewer clicks than the first. Defeating negative content by coming first in the rankings is therefore essential to maintaining control of your brand.

Try removing the negative content

If someone has set up a negative review site for your brand, or a rival is creating negative content about your product on their site, you can attempt to get Google to remove these pages. You will need to make sure that you follow the rules in order to submit a removal request, including removing negative spam that has captured your company name or personal name for its ads, or is violating your trademark in some way, then you can get the page removed from Google. This is one of the fastest ways to manage negative content, and can be a positive first step to restoring your reputation.

Creative your own positive content

It is not enough to outrank or remove negative content – you need to have something to put in its place. This something will be positive content created by your staff, or by outsourced content writers who can create positive text for your site, for social media pages, and for article sites. All of these methods will help you to create positive information about your website that casual viewers can find easily. Online reputation management teams can also help you to create the best positive content for your brand.