Increase Clients Using Video Marketing

Reputation Rehab 12/30/20
marketing strategy

It only takes a few seconds of watching someone or something on video to determine how we feel about the subject. These are the moments that are crucial for your company. It is the opportunity to showcase your authentic brand and values. As a rehab company, applying humanistic video content to your marketing strategy will…

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Social Media Marketing and Addiction Leads for your Facility

Reputation Rehab 12/28/20
social media marketing reputation rehab

Social Media Marketing  In our advancing world of technology, social media is becoming more prevalent than ever. Social media and social marketing have given many opportunities for people to connect with others, brand themselves, and most importantly, reach out for mental health help. Furthermore, social media is a great tool for digital marketers and social…

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Boost Up Visibility With Quality Content

Reputation Rehab 12/27/20
content strategy

Investing in your content strategy is a wise business decision, especially for a rehabilitation center. Not only does content output broaden visibility and increase rankings, it also allows for a business to personally connect with their audience. For a recovery center, establishing a connection is everything. Unsurprisingly, empathic marketing has shown to improve satisfaction. People…

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Social Media Marketing Strategies For Your Rehab Center

Reputation Rehab 12/24/20
social media

The behavioral health industry and job outlook looks good–strikingly good. It’s predicted that the employment of mental health and substance abuse counselors will grow 25% within the next decade, and that the industry will reach $240 billion by 2026. What these numbers indicate is 1) the stigma around mental health is beginning to dissipate and…

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The Benefits of Online Reputation Strategy to Manage Your Rehab Center’s Image

Reputation Rehab 12/19/20
online reputation strategy

Rehab centers are vital in today’s society. More and more teenagers and adults are abusing substances to help them cope with whatever problems they face. This is why rehab centers are in demand. If you have a rehab center but your potential clients can’t find you online, then you might want to consider implementing an…

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How an Online Reputation Management Can Protect Your Rehab Center Online?

Reputation Rehab 12/16/20
Online reputation management

Online reputation management has become necessary as part of your marketing strategy. Why?  That’s because it’s easy to post reviews online. If you get a lot of negative reviews, your business will suffer, especially if you own a rehab center.  Keep in mind that your potential clients will first research your center to know more…

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Los Angeles Reputation Management to Pursue Aggressive SEO for Your Rehab Center

Reputation Rehab 12/09/20
Los Angeles reputation management

Los Angeles reputation management is more vital for rehab centers because of the heavy scrutiny in this industry. If you don’t implement any strategy, you could be losing hundreds of prospects who might need your services.  When you search the addiction rehab center on Google, you will get a list of local results’ business profiles….

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Reputation Management Services in Los Angeles to Bury Negative Search Results

Reputation Rehab 12/02/20
reputation management services in Los Angeles

You can’t please every client in your LA rehab center. That’s why it’s more vital to hire reputation management services in Los Angeles.  Out of 20 clients you accommodate in your center, one or two of them won’t be satisfied with the kind of service you provided. Unfortunately, if they are dissatisfied, they will likely…

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Online Reputation Management and Rehab Marketing

Reputation Rehab 11/21/20
reputation management

The Importance of Online Reputation Management  Reputation Rehab cannot stress enough how important managing your online reputation is in terms of digital marketing. Your reputation will be one of the first few important factors that form clients’ first impression, influencing their decision making. Therefore, treat it like gold: precious and gentle. You might ask, what…

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Addiction Treatment Center Plans and Getting Your Keyword Strategies Across During Covid Time

Reputation Rehab 11/12/20
keyword strategies

Digital Marketing and Rehab Marketing  Digital marketing is more than just keywords. That said, this blog will specifically focus on keyword strategies and getting them done correctly because a small error could lead to a big problem! Each patient requires a different treatment, therefore, it is important to set a specific keyword strategy for each…

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