How to Utilize Blog Management in Rehab Marketing that best promotes your Rehabilitation

Reputation Rehab 03/10/21
addiction blog management

Rehabilitation and mental health facilities should aim to promote blogs that represent your rehab well. When a prospective patient takes a tour of your facility, what do they notice? Sure, they probably look at your amenities, the rooms, the outdoor area, where you eat, that kind of thing. But, many people also look in places…

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Content Development: The Backbone of SEO

Reputation Rehab 03/09/21
content development

Content is a general word that largely encompasses a range of matters that are used to promote your products and services. In relation to rehab marketing, creating content should be prioritized as it influences other digital marketing steps, such as web development and blog management. Therefore, rehabilitation centers should focus on pushing out innovative and…

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How to promote your stock market gambling addiction treatments

Reputation Rehab 03/08/21
stock market gambling addiction

Recent months have seen a rise in the number of people seeking help for stock market gambling addiction and this is a good time to get into providing this service. If you want to promote yourself to people seeking help for this type of gambling addiction, then you need to understand how SEO could help…

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Detoxing Alone Can be Dangerous. Here’s why?

Reputation Rehab 02/25/21

Can you believe that it has been almost a year since all of the socializing restrictions and “shelter-in-place” orders have been implemented? Some might feel that it is now the norm to wake up, commute to their desk at home, and open Zoom every morning. Moreover, some might even feel naked when they don’t carry…

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Coronavirus has Raised Concerns for another Epidemic: Addiction

Reputation Rehab 02/24/21
reputation rehab

Drug rehab and treatment facilities have reported higher numbers of admissions and of 90% of those patients who call the facilities now bring up the coronavirus and its impacts on their mental health. The unprecedented combination of physical, psychological, and medical stress, on top of being cooped up at home where there is a lack…

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A Look at Reputation Rehab and Our Case Studies

Reputation Rehab 02/19/21
case study

Reputation Rehab started not long after 2008. Our founder started the agency by servicing all sorts of small businesses in Greater Los Angeles with their SEO and Google Advertising Needs. Over the years, we grew into a full-service firm with a sizable portfolio of clients in the mental health and addiction treatment industries.  Today, we…

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Online Mental Health Resources – The New Future of Mental Health

Reputation Rehab 02/19/21
online digital marketing

Due to the pandemic, life is transitioning into a digital world faster than was commonly predicted. This transition has also given rise to the popularity of remote working and flexible hours, which has allowed us to stay safe and spend more time improving our health. Furthermore, online therapy and mental health resources have also gained…

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