The Anxiety of Waiting and Addiction Blog Management

Reputation Rehab 03/25/21
addiction blog

Anticipatory anxiety is more common than you know. When there is no clear view of the future and the unknown continues to loom over, one will get anxious and exhausted from feeling uncertain. This can be found in those looking for the COVID-19 vaccines. It is difficult seeing more people around you having access to…

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Improve Your Website With Our SEO For Mental Health Professionals

Reputation Rehab 03/25/21
seo for mental health professionals

When you open a clinic for mental health patients, one of the most important things that you will have to do is to ensure that there is sufficient promotion of your services to keep customers coming through the door. There are several ways that you can keep your business in mind when people are seeking…

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The Role of Addiction Blog Management in Depression and Addiction

Reputation Rehab 03/23/21
addiction blog management

According to statistics, depression is the most common mental health disorder worldwide with approximately 264 million people suffering from it. People with depression report and are observed to have multiple physical complaints with no apparent physical cause. In some cases, depression could lead to serious consequences such as addiction and death. Prevention programs and rehabilitation…

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How Targeted Display can Cure Loneliness and Addiction in Young Adults

Reputation Rehab 03/22/21
targeted display

Loneliness is a prominent feeling that stems from multiple reasons, which include the process of grief, divorce, separation, etc. According to numerous studies, loneliness fuels addiction, especially for the younger generations. Generation Zers (adults ages 18-22) surveyed are significantly more likely than any other generation to say they experience the feelings described in the statements…

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Earn more money by marketing PPC for therapy websites

Reputation Rehab 03/17/21
ppc for therapy

Maximizing your earnings is absolutely essential if you want to run your own mental health service. Keeping a private practice going often means making use of social media tools to maximize customer awareness of your services. One of the things that can be remarkably successful in generating leads and encouraging people to visit your site…

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Rehab Marketing Through Podcasts: How to do it?

Reputation Rehab 03/11/21
reputation rehab

Having a successful online presence and managing a reputable image brings an abundance of benefits for mental health facilities in the short and long term. There are many components to building a notable reputation. One of them is marketing your facility start your journey by reading Reputation Rehab podcasts tips!   Making podcasts is a great…

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How to Utilize Blog Management in Rehab Marketing that best promotes your Rehabilitation

Reputation Rehab 03/10/21
addiction blog management

Rehabilitation and mental health facilities should aim to promote blogs that represent your rehab well. When a prospective patient takes a tour of your facility, what do they notice? Sure, they probably look at your amenities, the rooms, the outdoor area, where you eat, that kind of thing. But, many people also look in places…

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Content Development: The Backbone of SEO

Reputation Rehab 03/09/21
content development

Content is a general word that largely encompasses a range of matters that are used to promote your products and services. In relation to rehab marketing, creating content should be prioritized as it influences other digital marketing steps, such as web development and blog management. Therefore, rehabilitation centers should focus on pushing out innovative and…

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How to promote your stock market gambling addiction treatments

Reputation Rehab 03/08/21
stock market gambling addiction

Recent months have seen a rise in the number of people seeking help for stock market gambling addiction and this is a good time to get into providing this service. If you want to promote yourself to people seeking help for this type of gambling addiction, then you need to understand how SEO could help…

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