What Are the Benefits of Addiction Blog Management for Your Drug Rehab Facility?

Reputation Rehab 05/06/21
addiction blog management

Similar to other types of marketing, addiction or rehab marketing is about publishing and delivering quality content to the right patients. Mental health practices and rehab facilities should take full advantage of addiction blogs to speak full volume in a quality way to their current and future patients. At this point, you may wonder: What…

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How to Elevate your Drug Rehab SEO?

Reputation Rehab 05/05/21

SEO, which means the process of improving the quality and quantity of online traffic to your facility website, is no doubt one of the important factors in generating leads for your rehabilitation. There are many ways to increase your site’s ranking to the top of search engine results, therefore, you must know the ones that…

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Using Targeted Displays to Help Meet Young Adults’ Mental Health Needs

Reputation Rehab 05/04/21
targeting displays

Unfortunately, the healthcare system has not served folks with depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental illnesses using the best resources. It is concerning that only approximately 42% of adults who experience a mental health issue get treatment and just about half of the children under age 17 receive services. And this issue only gets worse…

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How Your Facilities’ Google Ads can Help Young Adults with Prolonged Exposure to Stress?

Reputation Rehab 05/03/21
google ads

Prolonged exposure to stress in the early stages of development is often overlooked as the signs are difficult to study. While stress resilience is a widely discussed concept, it is still very challenging to predict people’s response to increased levels of stress. As a result, many young adults lack resources and are not fully educated…

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Six Ways a Health Marketing Agency Can Help Promote Your Rehab Services

Reputation Rehab 04/26/21
health marketing agency

Rehab services are a very rich and very competitive industry, which makes it very difficult for some rehab clinics to compete both online and offline. Since you cannot compete head-to-head, you have to soak up the publicity that the larger companies miss. That is where a health marketing agency can come in very handy. Here…

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How to get more Admits Into your Rehabilitation Center?

Reputation Rehab 04/20/21
grow more admits

Admission to rehabs is the first step of treatment for all patients. Therefore, growing admits and expanding are one of the top objectives for many rehabilitation centers and practices. However, the problem is that several mental health facilities fail to address the many questions that patients have during their admission process. At Reputation Rehab, we…

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What is SEO and How to Implement it for your Rehab Facility?

Reputation Rehab 04/19/21

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is one of the most powerful tools to connect your rehab to potential patients. It is important that therapists and mental health experts learn about how SEO benefits them because it plays a big role in rehab marketing. Our staff at Reputation Rehab will guide you through!  Local…

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Cheap SEO Services Do More Damage Than Good

Reputation Rehab 04/17/21
SEO for drug rehab

You probably need SEO for drug rehab services because getting your website ranked up the search engines is very difficult, and the entire industry is very competitive and very well funded, which means no matter what you do, there are teams of other people working against you. In order to compete in even a very…

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Why are Google Ads necessary for your Mental Health Facilities?

Reputation Rehab 04/13/21
google ads

First, let’s define Google Ads! They were previously known as AdWords is Google’s own advertising service in the category of PPC advertising and is most used by all types of firms. This service allows users and owners of businesses to put their search results for their website on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by…

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Silliest Treatment Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid Online

Reputation Rehab 04/08/21
Treatment Marketing

Perhaps one of the silliest things that online Treatment Marketing can do is to try to empathize with the potential applicants. It is already patronizing enough when vapid celebrities go online and tout the benefits of rehab, but it is even worse having an online advert pretend it knows what the addict is going through….

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